Baby & Mommy List

Here is my baby & mommy list with all the things I‘ve loved so far in Emma‘s first six weeks of life and also things I loved for myself. 


I already mentioned this on Instagram but I seriously wouldn’t be able to do anything around the house and outside the house without a carrier! I also find it to be way easier to carry Emma in a carrier than to have to put her a stroller every time we go out. We actually haven’t even used ours yet, maybe we will when Emma is a little bigger but for now I’m loving these few baby carriers. I’d recommend the Solly Baby for colder days since the material is warm and the Wildbird and Sakura Bloom are perfect for warm and hot days because the material of the carrier is more lightweight and airy. I personally haven’t used the Ergobaby yet, but Ali loves it and proudly uses it every time we make an appearance outside haha. 

Wildbird, Sakura Bloom, Solly Baby and Ergobaby.

Diaper Pail:

This seems like something that would be unecessary but I couldn’t recommend it more, especially if you do cloth diapering. It will save you from running to the washmashine everytime you have a dirty diaper because instead you can just throw your dirty diaper in the diaper pail and don’t have to worry about it anymore until your wash day comes up. By the way, diaper pails can also be used for disposable diapers.

UBBI Diaper Pail

Convertible Car Seat:

This is something we haven‘t even gotten ourselves yet, because we are waiting for the one we like to be released but I can already tell from having the infant car seat that they are so unnecessary! First off, I feel like Emma already outgrew all the infant car seats since two of the ones we bought for her were way too small and she was super uncomfortable in them. And secondly, I seriously don‘t know how mom‘s lift their infant car seat from the car to the stroller and back?! I tried to do that and I could not lift it up! That‘s why I feel like a convertible carseat that is suitable from newborn stage until they’re big enough to drive without a car seat makes way more sense financially. And instead of using the infant car seat on the stroller, I would just put the bassinet on it which I read is a lot better for the baby’s back anyway. 

The convertible car seat we want is not out yet but it’s from Cybex and called Sirona S. 

Haakaa Pump:

This is probably something not everyone will use but if you have an oversupply of milk, like I do a Haakaa Pump will be a game changer! How it works is, that it basically catches all the let down milk that comes from your breast while your baby nurses from the other breast. I use it everytime I nurse Emma during the day when I’m at home. During night I can‘t bother to put it on because it would mean that I would have to sit up. So instead I just use nursing pads in my bra so that I don’t leak. The milk that I catch with the Haakaa Pump, I transfer into the “Medela Bags” and then store them first in the fridge for max 4 days and if we don’t use them till then (which we never do) I store them in the freezer. It‘s only been 5 weeks since I‘ve been using the Haakaa pump and I already have a freezer full of milk. I will use this milk either for “emergency”, in case I‘m out of the house one day and someone else needs to feed Emma or I’m also considering to start donating my milk but need to look more into it. By the way the Haakaa Pump is only $12, something everyone can afford. 🙂

Haakaa Pump


Swaddle Blankets:

Every mama needs at least one swaddle blanket. Not even to just swaddle the baby but also to cover your baby especially in those first few days and weeks when you do a lot of skin to skin time but need something. to keep your baby warm at the same time. I guess the difference between a swaddle and a real blanket is that the swaddle blankets are a lot softer and more lightweight, so it will even fit in your diaper bag. I have 4 different swaddle blankets and I think that‘s the perfect number. I carry one with me in the diaper bag, one is in the bedroom, one in the nursery and one in the living room. All these brands are ethical, sustainable and use the softest materials for their swaddle blanket! 

Seaka Boo

Kiin Baby

Sparrow Baby


Hatch Baby Rest:

This is a night light and sound machine which I use every night when we go to bed. Since we bed-share and change diapers on the bed during the night, I have this night light on my bedside table and it helps me to see during the night without having to turn on the main light and most likely waking up Emma. And the sounds are also amazing and so soothing! My favorite sound are the crickets!

Hatch Baby Rest


Wet Bag:

A wet bag is a small waterproof bag where you can store your baby’s dirty cloth or disposable diapers for when you are outside. I highly recommend getting 2 or 3 of these since you will be washing them every time you put a dirty diaper in there and during washing time you will need another wet bag to bring with you outside. 

GroVia Wet Bag


Reusable Nursing Pads:

I had to buy an extra pack of these because my breasts leak a lot. I would definitely recommend getting the reusable ones, they are super comfy and easy to wash. They also come in different sizes. I wear the medium size during the day and for nighttime when I leak more, I wear the large size. 

Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads


Comfy Bra‘s:

I need more bras! I used to hate wearing any kind of bra because it would make me feel so uncomfortable but now I can‘t go a day without wearing one. I mainly need them so that I can put a nursing pad inside of them and so I don’t leak but even with all of that, leaking still happens. Haha! I might not be able to control my leakage but I can control what bra’s I’m wearing and I definitely have some favorites already! I like bra’s that don‘t have a wire and where I can pull both of my boobs out at the same time, one to nurse Emma and the other one to catch my letdown milk in the Haakaa. These are my favorite comfy bras so far!

Storq Everyday Bra 

Storq Full Cup Bra

Richer Poorer Classic Bralette


Comfy & loose shirts:

The reason why I recommend this, is because when you‘re breastfeeding you basically need your boobs to be ready at all times and for me it has been the easiest to either to just have a bra on all day or if I wear a shirt I make sure I have easy & fast access to them. I personally like to see my baby’s face when she’s nursing, that’s why I really like button up shirts which I can open in the front and then just pull to the side while nursing Emma.


Comfy underwear:

When you have a vaginal birth you’re going to be very sore down there for the next few days & weeks, which also means you want to wear comfy underwear that supports you while your lady parts are healing. Thank god I got sent some amazing “grandma” undies from Knickey while I was pregnant, they were a real life safer and my favorite underwear to wear up to this day. Highly recommend stacking up on some comfy grandma undies before giving birth!

Knickey Organic Undies


Changing Pad:

So I initially thought that I would only use a changing pad when we were outside and that when I was at home I would change Emma in the changing basket. But I don‘t think I have ever changed her diapers in the nursery where the changing basket is. Instead I just have a changing pad next to my bed which I place on the bed whenever we change diapers. The reason we change her diapers on the bed is because we bed-share so it makes more sense to just quickly change her diapers there and also because everytime we change diapers we go to the bathroom first to poop or pee and the bathroom is right next to our bedroom. The changing pad I use was actually included with the diaper bag that we bought, pretty cool!

Ergobaby Diaper Bag & Pad


Thirsties Fitted Diapers:

You guys already know that I do cloth diapering with Emma. Well we actually do a mix of both, cloth diapering & disposable diapers. I started using the disposable Honest Brand diapers since we ran out of cloth diapers one night because all of them were in the washer. Anyway since then I’ve been mixing it up a bit. Some of the cloth diapers are also already too small for her so I actually need to buy some new ones. I really like the Thirsties Fitted Diapers though. We have 2 newborn sizes which she outgrew now and 2 one sizes and next time I would probably get 4 of each size. 

Thirsties Snap Fitted One Size

Thirsties Snap Fitted Newborn


Thirsties Cover:

The covers are what go over the fitted diapers to make them waterproof. You can reuse these covers up to six times if they are still clean before washing them. They are easy to wash and dry up quickly. I would probably recommend getting 3 or 4 covers at least.

Thirsties Duo Wrap


Baby Nail Scissor:

Who would have thought that a newborn could already have long finger nails? Turns out Emma and a lot of newborns that were born overdue have already long finger and toe nails and they need to be cut immediately otherwise they will scratch up their cute little faces. We bought the Nail Frida baby clipper set for Emma at first but it did not work for us so we ended up buying a baby nail scissor which worked a lot better and looked a lot safer for her tiny fingernails! 

Baby Safety Scissors


My favorite Baby Clothes:

The last thing I wanted to share was cute baby clothes! I like Emma’s wardrobe to be neutral in colors that’s why I really like these brands because they make the cutest “gender neutral” clothing pieces for baby’s.

Quincy Mae: I absolutely love this brand, especially their kimono sets, the one pieces for sleeping and their hats!!

Jamie Kay: their knitted pieces are so adorable! Make sure to get one or two size bigger with them since their sizes tend to run a little smaller. 

Mebie Baby: I like their cozy two pieces and their head ties. I also bought their one pieces for sleeping but don‘t really like the material and the colors I got (pink & cream) don‘t suit Emma‘s skin color.

Turbans for Tots: They make the cutest handmade head ties for girls! So adorable and I think they are all made in the US.


I hope this list was helpful to you! I really wanted to include unique things that you probably wouldn’t have think of. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via Instagram. Much love and if you’re pregnant or just had a baby, congrats! Val x 

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