Frequently Asked Questions



Is this Book a hard copy?

No, this is a digital eBook, that you read on a digital device such as iPhone, iPad, Computer, Android etc. A hard copy book is printed. But feel free to print out this eBook, and make your own book. 🙂


I’m gluten free can I still make your recipes?

Absolutely, 95% of the recipes in this eBook are labelled gluten free and if you come across one that isn’t gluten free, feel free to make your own gluten free version!


How will I receive the eBook?

Once payment is processed, a new site will open from where you can access your eBook. Click on the green square where it says “Blissful Val eBook” and your eBook will automatically download. From there you’ll be able to save it to your iBooks if you’re using an Apple Device or to another Central Folder on your Computer or device.


How can I save the eBook on my iPhone?

Once the eBook download is complete, it will open in your default browser. Touch anywhere on the eBook and the browser will give you an option to ‘OPEN IN…’ Select iBooks from the provided options. Once opened in iBooks, the eBook will be saved there and will remain within the PDF section. To view the Blissful Val eBook, simply open from iBooks anytime, anywhere!


How can I save the eBook on my Android device?

Please note: Android devices vary greatly by manufacturer so there are many different variations on how you may view and save your eBook.

Once the eBook is downloaded it will need to be saved either locally on the device or using online storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Select the app you would like to view the eBook with, from the provided options (such as Google Drive PDF viewer). Once opened in your selected app, you will need to ensure that it is saved on either the device (within a chosen folder) or online storage. To view the Blissful Val eBook, simply open from your chosen saved location.


What is the Shipping cost?

This eBook is a digital download so there are no shipping costs.


How do I pay for the eBook?

You can purchase this eBook by credit card, PayPal or Apple Pay.


Do I have to be Vegan to buy your eBook?

No, absolutely not. Blissful Val is an eBook and place where everyone is welcome, wether you’re an omnivore, vegetarian, pescatarian or something in the middle. I created this eBook in hopes to inspire people to eat more plants, but I’m aware that not everyone can go vegan overnight. So if your goal is to just incorporate more wholesome plant based foods in your diet, than this book is perfect for you!


Will you have this eBook translated in Spanish or German?

We’re looking forward to translate this eBook in Spanish and German, but haven’t made any specific plans yet on when it will be released. We do appreciate your eagerness and patience in getting this eBook in your language!