Why I Use a Menstrual Cup

I‘ve been wanting to share about this amazing product for a while and I finally got the chance to do it. Mostly, thanks to OrganiCup the award winning Menstrual Cup brand I‘ll be talking about on here. They were kind enough to sponsor this post, which I truly appreciate. 🙂

This is a Menstrual Cup. I’ve been using a Menstrual Cup for over a year now, (not currently because I’m pregnant) but anyways this little thing is probably one of the best purchases I’ve made so far. It came to my attention after I did some research on tampons and found out about all the chemicals they use to make them. I was shocked that I was putting this into my body every single month! So, I immediately knew that I had to find a different menstrual product and luckily came across some brands that were changing the game in this industry, creating these Menstrual Cups. There are different reasons why I prefer Menstrual Cups.

1. I only have to buy it once and can use it for years rather than having to buy a new pack of tampons or pads every month.


2. Since a Menstrual Cup lasts for years, it creates way less waste compared to disposable period products.


3. This Menstrual Cup is made out of 100% soft medical-grade silicone and no BPA, latex or dye + it is vegan & cruelty free


4. And lastly, because it holds up to 3 tampons worth, meaning I can go to bed with it without having to worry about messing up my bed. Lol (Yes that happens sometimes!)


So, as you can see this cup is truly benefiting everyone, even your pockets! Haha. 



For me, one of the most amazing things about this product, is that it is helping our planet rather than destroying it with waste and chemicals. 

An individual uses 11.000 disposable menstrual products in a lifetime and it can take 500 years for pads and tampons to degrade.


This is just crazy and most of us women probably don’t even think about the waste we’re creating when getting our periods, but we can change those statistics! Simply by using a menstrual product that is REUSABLE, like this Menstrual Cup. I’m all about finding products that I can reuse and this is one of those things that is truly so easy to change in one’s life. And for me, it made life even easier because I didn’t have to run to the grocery store in the middle of the night anymore, just to buy some tampons. Lol 

If you’re curious to know how much of an impact you’re making by switching to a Menstrual Cup, click on this link: https://www.organicup.com/product/organicup/  (just scroll down a bit).

I know, it sounds freaky at first to use a Menstrual Cup for your period but it really isn’t as freaky as you would think. You will need a few trials in the beginning but once figured out, there will be no going back to tampons or pads. Mostly because you won’t feel a thing and there is no leaking, since this cup can last up to 12 hours!! I don’t think my words will do this product justice, so if you’re curious to find out how a Menstrual Cup exactly works, watch OrganiCup’s instructional step-by-step video! It will probably answer all of your questions and if you still have questions left, feel free to ask me anytime or contact their super friendly support team. 🙂 

Just like OrganiCup, I also believe that together we can make a change! Not just on our planet, but also on choosing safer products for our bodies and on having an openly conversation about periods. Hopefully, starting right here with this blog post. OrganiCup has also been kind enough to give all of you 20% off, by using this code “valeria”, so make sure you use it. 🙂 



Shop Menstrual Cup here: OrganiCup

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